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$99 /seat /mo


Call 1 (877) 909-4589 / 1 (650) 200-4255
Email sales@appcelerator.com

Titanium: Write in Javascript, run native on iOS, Android, and Windows
Unlimited apps
Certified SDK releases
App engagement & usage analytics
Analytics data retention 1 month 3 months 2 years
Analytics data export
Appcelerator Studio IDE
Debugging, code autocomplete, one-click build
Measure apps built in other native SDKs (iOS or Android)
Premium app modules
Number of seats allowed 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-seat collaboration
App Designer
App Preview 20 Devices Customizable
Organize apps, users, and data by teams
Crash detection & performance analytics
Multi-year plans Available
Executive Insights: analytics for business stakeholders Available
Support Public Forums Chat & Email Elite support levels
Indie Pro Enterprise

All plans include our comprehensive mobile analytics dashboard with one million monthly analytic events. We find this is more than enough for most customers. If your needs exceed these limits, contact us to discuss a custom plan tailored to your needs.